5 Gambling Innovations We’ll See Before 2020

It is known that any innovation in the world of gambling is an infrequent phenomenon. For example, rules of playing blackjack are exactly the same as they were in the days of Frank Sinatra. But still, if there is any innovation in the gambling business, it completely changes the game process and casino operations. Find below some of the innovations that are expected to change the gambling industry.

#1 – Virtual Reality

Virtual reality games are among long-awaited gambling innovations to happen before 2020. With the release of the VR-helmet Oculus Rift and other similar devices, interest in virtual reality instantly increases. More and more casinos are starting to employ this technology in their gambling houses to impress their players with real-life-alike gambling.

The gambling industry is one of the pioneers in VR games – NetEnt and Microgaming are actively engaged in the development of a realistic virtual casino. SlotsMillion has already launched its virtual reality casino, and this can be the first step towards a radical change in the game process.

#2 – One-Wallet Accounts

One wallet systems provide great opportunities to gamblers and are very convenient to use. Thus, William Hill casino has enabled its players to be more flexible. The gambling house supports more than 50 different payment methods and provides a wide variety of ways to withdraw money.

#3 – Cybersport

The time when computer games were popular among children and youth have passed. In the 21st century, online games have transformed in an e-sports industry, a multi-million dollar market, a gold mine for businessmen. Ever since all sorts of tournaments and cups for the most famous online games have become a common practice, users have the opportunity to bet on their favorite players and teams. And although only 10 years ago the idea of ​​earning money on e-sports in the gambling industry was not taken seriously by anyone, the world’s income from copyrights, ticket sales, and advertising at e-sports competitions amounted to 235 million dollars in 2015. According to experts’ forecasts, over $20 billion will be spent on e-sports betting in 2020. At the same time, the operators’ income will be just under two billion dollars.

#4 – Fantasy Sport

Fantasy sport is an opportunity to assemble a team consisting of real sportsmen and earn points, and win money depending on their success. The phenomenon of fantasy sports comes from North America, where it has been successful since the middle of the last century. However, in most European countries (including the CIS countries), it is still a novelty. Monopolists in fantasy sports at the moment are DraftKings and FanDuel. Only in 2015, they were paid about a billion dollars in prize money. But the European fantasy niche, nevertheless, is ready to accept new business players.

#5 – Bitcoin Casinos

In 2018, the world’s first cryptocurrency will celebrate its 10th anniversary. During this time, Bitcoin became popular  in online trading and has firmly established itself in the gaming industry. Today, 15% of casinos all over the world work with Bitcoin, but this figure will grow from year to year.

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