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The most popular slots of 2019

It has been 2019 for a little while now, and this means that we have learned about some of the highest highs and lowest lows of of the year already. It also means that slots judge – online slot machines & casino reviews now also added a quick article about what some of the most popular slots games of this year are. The roster of games that we are going to be talking about is not large – we only have five games to talk about, but these five game are some of the best (or at least the most popular of the year). Let’s take a look and see what makes them as popular as they are.



Cleopatra is a slot game that takes the name of the ancient queen of Egypt,one that was rumoured to be the most beautiful creature in the world at the time, and the one that had a connection with the Roman empire. She is also the one who is said to have been loved by the Roman emperors. The game borrows the art style from the Egyptians, introducing icons that spin in beautiful patterns and stop at incredibly lovely images. The theme of Egypt is strong with the game, so do not be surprised to see a sarcophagus and imagery that is related to Egypt. The art style is seemingly simple, but allows for an enjoyable experience as you rule over ancient Egypt with some beautiful wins. The game allows for wilds, bonuses and so on, just like a standard slots game.

Gonzo’s quest

Gonzo is not Hunter S. Thompson in this case (which might have made for a very interesting game of slots), but a Spanish Conquistador trekking through the South American sjungles in order to reach the Aztec civilization. Through this trek, Gonzo (and you) will look at some beautifully constructed stone symbols, that will determine whether you win the spin or not. All the while the 3D gonzo will keep cheering you on from the left side of the screen and celebrating with you when you end up winning, and being sad with you if you end up losing.

Monopoly Slot

Monopoly slot is a recent addition to the roster of slots that are available for play around the world. Based on the famous game of the same name, the monopoly slot takes the player on a journey around the world in order to pick up cars, planes and boats and possibly win the bonuses that the game offers. If the player is lucky, they might even get the chance to play healthcare dice for a double bonus if they end up going to jail. The popularity of the game is obviously the result of the fun art style, the nostalgic animation and the fun of winning a bunch of money when you play.

Mega Moolah

Mega Moolah switches it up and takes you all the way to Africa. In Africa, your goal is to pick up some of the local animals and arrange them into combos that will allow you to win a whole load of money. The process is a whole lot of fun and so is the art that is associated with the game. There are only three rows, which might limit your chances of winning a little, but the fun style and the fun music keep drawing more and more people back in.


You might have noticed a trend in the most popular slots game. All of them (or most of them) are based on some of the more famous concepts. Ancient Egypt, Monopoly and now, one more popular game Starburst. In this game you will be spinning for gems and blowing them up in order to get the bonuses and the points that you so much crave when playing this game. It’s fun, but not for the whole family, so watch out!